About Sue

Sue is an oil painter & photographer and works with abstract,representational, commissioned portraits and figurative images. She calls herself an “abstract representationalist.”

Land and sea, harbor, sky, water, buildings, architectural details, rocks, boats, fishing vessels, portraits, kids, beach umbrellas, aerial geometry and found objects; they are all in Sue’s “scapes” and visual field.

Sue’s artistic brushwork and palette knife techniques vary, depending on her subject matter. Large and small oil canvases, oil pastels, water colors and pastel works are in her repertoire.

Sue’s colors are wide ranging; pastels to mono-chromatics, infinite blues, blush pinks and lavender purples,rusted reds, ochres, deep teals are all in her palette.
The style: abstract, exacting, impressionistic, lyrical: these are only a few of the ways Sue may elect to portray a subject of interest.

Sue’s intent is to transform the varied subject matter – ranging from small objects to architectural tableaux and panoramic landscapes through selection of unique perspectives and compositions. The goal is to provide the viewer with a novel and intimate art experience.

Please enjoy the images as Sue shares her visions with you.