Provincetown Art Museum Show


I had a painting in the Juried Exhibit at the Provincetown Art Association Museum on display February 25- April 17, 2011. The show featured selected works from a large group of submissions. CLICK HERE for (PAAM) Museum information.

You may see some of my Fishing Vessel paintings on the website if you click here.

My most recent painting: “Fishing Vessel Spindle” is the one displayed at PAAM .

CLICK HERE for additional pieces from the Boat series and CLICK HERE for Aerial abstracts (images also below).

In addition to the Ptown Museum exhibit I will be part of

Newton Open Studios this May 14 & 15, 2011. Click here for details.

Artists Statement:

The Fishing Vessel Series is a fascinating set of subjects for me.  The older fishing barges are heavy with rusted metals and large netting spindles. I am intrigued with the organicity of the rust and the foil it creates against the backdrop of the men who run the boats. Contrasting the rust and machinery are the men of the fleet, their faces and bodies sometimes fleshy with the wear of long hours at sea.  Their boats are large, their cabins, (within which they reside) are small. I love painting the vastness of the boats compared with the mini universes of their cabins and the way they organize the possessions within their bunk.  The series will be comprised of (12) 30 x 40 paintings and 6 18 x 24 views of the cabin interiors.

I look forward to sharing the work with all of you! Click here to see the boat paintings.

The abstract Aerials series are oils inspired by the photos I take while on commercial flights in the U.S. and abroad.  The canvas sizes range from 48 x 36 to 18 x 24.  I love working abstractly as I move the palette knife and brush to form shapes, create color adjacencies and depict the “feel” of the landscape 30,000 feet below the aircraft.  Working abstractly liberates me from the alternate specificity of representation painting and drawing I do.  When working abstractly there are fewer reference points and the viewers connection to the piece must be done with color, paint application, texture and geometry, entirely. It’s an exciting challenge! Click here for Abstracts and Aerials.

The painting at top left, below was selected for the Juried Show.